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Jin’ao Hill Park
Jin’ao Hill Park is the only ancient garden park on Chongming Island and a county-level unit of cultural relic preservation. Adjacent to the famous Shou’an Temple, it is located to the east of Chongming County Center (2.5 kilometers away). Jin’ao Hill is a man-built one, as there is no naturally-formed hill on this island. It was once the sign for marine navigation in Song and Yuan Dynasties. It was rebuilt in the 7th year (1668) of the reign of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty with the sutra depository ( a place where the Buddhists store sutras) built on the peak, the pools dug in front of the hill and the purple bamboos planted behind the hill. In the 42nd year (1777) of the reign of Qing Emperor Qianlong, County Magistrate Fan Guotai donated money to rebuild the hill and add some scenic spots such as bridges, pavilions, towers, attics and moon garden, etc. Before the liberation of our motherland, Jin’ao Hill had experienced wars with the tumbledown Aofeng Zhenhai Pagoda left only. After the liberation, with the care of the municipal and county governments, it was repaired by appropriation. Nowadays, Jin’ao Hill has become a classical garden park with lush trees, singing birds, fragrant flowers and clear air. It is a good resort for sightseeing, photography and relaxation.
Ticket price: to be fixed (Closed and rebuilt before the end of 2010)
Opening time: 08:30-16:30
Address: The east end of Aoshan Road, Chengjiao Town, Chongming County
Traffic route for self drive tour (car and passenger ferry): Shidongkou Pier—South Gate Pier—Aoshao Road—Jin’ao Hill Park
Traffic route for self-drive tour (tunnel and bridge): Pudong, Shanghai—Shanghai Changjiang Tunnel Bridge—Chenhai Highway—Gulangyu Road—Aoshan Road—
Jinao Hill Park
Proposed touring time: 30 minutes
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